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Ken's Masonry brings you 25 years of experience in the business of masonry and masonry repair. Ken is an Arizona state certified journeyman bricklayer and some of our services include stucco, stucco repair and paint, fence block walls, retaining walls, brick and stone veneers, concrete slabs, and more. No job is too big, too small, or too odd for us! We are more than happy to help and offer you exceptional...

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Chandler Masonry offers top rated and professional Masonry in Chandler. [Read More]

  • Masonry:
    Stucco repair and paint, fence block walls, retaining walls, brick and stone veneers, concrete slabs, stone blocks, BBQs, brick ovens
  • Specialties:
    Bricklayer, Masonry

Masonry Tips

Masonry Tips

Chandler Masonry provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Masonry ]

Chandler Masonry Company | Experienced Professionals For Your Next Project

No matter what you have decided to have constructed in brick, a home, fountain, floor, driveway, or any other structure, going through a professional masonry company such as Chandler Masonry Company, will leave both you and your wallet happier. Although it may seem tempting to try and tackle the project yourself, or even scarier, let a company or individual not specializing in masonry take on the job, there are numerous benefits to having Chandler Masonry Company do the job right.

Without a professional masonry company doing the project, you may find that your structure looks okay, but not fantastic. With a professional mason, you can rest assured that your project will look as close to perfect as possible. A mason is known as a "mason" for a reason, they know how to get the job done in timely manner; however, just because it is done faster doesn't mean it won't look amazing. Professional masonry companies know their trade well and can deliver a better finished product a lot faster than a company that doesn't specialize in masonry.

Although they may seem more expensive at first, using a professional masonry company can save you money in the long run. A cheaper job doesn't always mean a better job; if you use a professional mason the first time, you won't have to waste money for endless repairs later down the road. Not only do masons know the technical aspects of their trade, they also know how to make whatever they are building look absolutely stunning.

While other companies may know how to build it, they certainly won't know how to make it look breathtaking. Consider contacting the professionals at Chandler Masonry Company today to get started on your special project.